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Merit Badge Counselors

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Name Merit Badge Phone


Nicole Bristol American Culture 908-782-2598


Roger Dickens Archery 908-752-5595


Jeff Bristol Art 908-782-2598


Amy Marshall Athletics 908-500-1941


Tom Benson Backpacking 908-809-0210


Marion Barry Bird Study 908-256-5490


Roger Dickens  Brid Study 908-752-5595


Tom Benson  Camping  908-809-0210


John Curtin  Camping  908-996-3386


Jeff Marshall Citizen in the Community  908-392-2067


Jeff Marshall Citizen in the Nation 908-392-2067


Jeff Marshall Citizen in the World 908-392-2067


Jackie Larsen Communication  908-268-2474


Jeff Marshall  Communication 908-392-2067


Tom Benson  Cooking  908-809-0210


John Curtin  Cooking  908-996-3386


Roger Dickens  Cooking  908-752-5595


James Hall Cycling  908-782-8723


Tom Benson Digital Technology  908-809-0210


Nicole Bristol  Disability Awareness  908-782-2598


Jackie Larsen Disability Awareness 908-268-2474


Roger Dickens  Dog Care 908-752-5595


Marion Barry Environmental Science 908-256-5490


Tom Benson  Environmental Science 908-809-0210


Nicole Bristol  Family Life 908-782-2598


Robert MacDonald Family Life 609-209-0113


Marion Barry First Aid 908-256-5490


Nicole Bristol  First Aid 908-782-2598


Roger Dickens  First Aid 908-752-5595


Roger Dickens  Fish & Wild Life Management 908-752-5595


Roger Dickens  Fishing 908-752-5595


Marion Barry Forestry 908-256-5490


Roger Dickens  Forestry 908-752-5595


Jeff Marshall Genealogy 908-392-2067


Tom Benson  Hiking 908-809-0210


John Curtin  Indian Lore 908-996-3386


Jackie Larsen Journalism 908-268-2474


Jeff Marshall Leather Work 908-392-2067


Marion Barry Mammal Study 908-256-5490


Jeff Bristol  Motor Boating 908-782-2598


Marion Barry Nature  908-256-5490


Robert MacDonald Personal Fitness 609-209-0113


Nicole Bristol  Pets 908-782-0564


Tom Benson  Photography 908-809-0210


Jackie Larsen Photography 908-268-2474


Marion Barry Plant Science 908-256-5490


Jeff Bristol  Public Speaking 908-782-2598


Jeff Marshall Public Speaking 908-392-2067


James Hall Railroading 908-782-8723


Jackie Larsen Reading 908-268-2474


Amy Marshall  Reading 908-500-1941


John Curtin  Rifle Shooting 908-996-3386


Jeff Marshall Safety 908-392-2067


Jeff Bristol  Salesmanship 908-782-2598


Amy Marshall  Salesmanship 908-500-1941


Jackie Larsen Scholarship 908-268-2474


John Curtin  Space Exploration 908-996-3386


Nicole Bristol  Sports 908-782-2598


Jeff Marshall Stamp Collecting 908-392-2067


Tom Benson  Sustainability 908-809-0210


John Curtin  Swimming 908-996-3386


Amy Marshall Swimming 908-500-1941


Marion Barry Weather 908-256-5490